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Aug 5, 2009 5:30pm EDT
has new confirmed more than 1,000 deaths from h1n1 swine flu worldwide. on monday india confirmed its first death, a teenage girl in the city of puna. that caused pan ig among people cuing -- que -- queuing outside the hospital. and a man who killed four people including himself ate women's exercise class in pennsylvania spoke about crimes on his web site. and a patient at an addiction center in india -- in china has been beaten to death by his counselors. >>> a former military commander has told the bbc palestinian children are routinely mistreated while in custody. >> many palestinian children throw stones at some time or another, many to vent frustration alt the occupation of their homes on the west bank. the targets? israeli soldiers. israeli soldiers have come right to the barrier now to throw their gas cannisters. people all around us have just disappeared, run away from the spoke smoke. over there you can see the palestinian children are continuing to throw stones. when stones are thrown, a military raid often follows. usually late at night as you see in this footage we obtaine
Aug 5, 2009 12:00am EDT
faces 40 lashes. >>> and from india, a human rights group charged today that the police system in that country needs some major overhaul to meet international standards. human rights watch said that while india is modernizing rapidly the police continue to use old methods including abuse and threats. it said the police sometimes detained people illegally, torture and kill suspects and refused to investigate crimes against the politically powerful. the indian government had no immediate response. >>> was the british government complicit in the torture of terror suspects in a secret work conducted by western intelligent agencies over the last eight years? that question was raised after the release of a pakistani man ben yan mohammed from american custody at guantanamo bay, cuba. when mohammed returned to britain, he sued the government in a test case claiming the intelligence agency, mi5 was involved in his interrogations. while government claims its got nothing to hard a parliamentary commission is now calling for an independent investigation as we hear from andrew thomas of itn
FOX News
Aug 5, 2009 11:00am EDT
are the jobs? so the president has gone to india to tell people -- indiana to tell people that they are one of the states that will be getting quite a bit of the stimulus monday, that there will çbe incentives available for te building of batteries and battery-powered cars. that is what he is there to say. that part of the country is suffering heavily. unemployment in the area is near 20%, just about double the rest of the country. as we prepare for his remarks, let us go to our white house correspondent. mike emanuel, what else do we expect to hear from the president? >> president obama is bringing great news to the country -- company. they will begin a $39 million grant work on manufacturing electric trucks. that means when the company is fully manufacturing them, it will be able to create more jobs in the area. the company manufactures rv's. obviously, that industry took a huge hit when gasoline prices shot up, and the recession hit hard. the company had to let go a lot of people, manufacturers went out of business, and then navistar came in, but the area is still suffering from unempl
Aug 4, 2009 11:35pm EDT
india apologized to the north koreans. >> the young women have apparently admitted that they probably did trespass, so they are deeply regretful and we are very sorry this happened. >> hillary clinton was heavily involved in securing the release of ling and lee, and president clinton said he wanted to engage with the north koreans, but instead they conducted a nuclear test, fired a long-range missile and a flurry of short and medium range rockets. that's why some are worried about the message they might get from clinton's visit. >> we could get in a situation of a moral hazard where by rewarding bad behavior we are only going to get more of it. >> that could be true, but tonight, with two young women hours away from what will surely be an emotional reunion, the families of laura ling and euna lee said they're counting the seconds to hold them in their arms. i'm martha rad dits for "nightline." >> the plane is expected to touch down in burbank, california, around 6:45 a.m. eastern time. late this evening, president obama praised clinton's trip as very fine work. >>> when we come back,
Aug 5, 2009 6:23pm EDT
... for your free brochure. >>> here's a look at hot shots. in india, a child wearing a mask is carried as she waits to be tested for swine flu. in cincinnati, police and fire crews worked together to clean up a white substance flowing out of the sewers. in russia, president dmitry medvedev visits a bakery. and in london, the director of a new show, "walking with dinosaurs" poses for a picture before opening night. this hour's hot shots, pictures worth a thousand words. >>> the ordeal of two american journalists held for five months in north korea was wrenching for their families, and perhaps most difficult for the 4-year-old daughter of euna lee. cnn jeanne moos takes a most unusual look. >> reporter: getting a ride from dad, who himself was shaking with nervous energy, peering like a deer in the headlights at humongous hangar doors that you're told is carrying your mother. >> what really strikes me, is just watching that little girl. >> reporter: the women coming home were the news, but the kid meeting her mom was the star. >> their adorable, 4-year-old daughter, hanna. >> reporter: adorable
Aug 5, 2009 12:00pm EDT
with india for 60 a ton. these stocks have value that i think a lot of the analysts have missed. technically watch the stock today, a break of 99, very bullish for potash. >>> do you guy or sell, dr. j? >> i would like to see us get softer into the tail end of today. think we ease into tomorrow setting up nicely for a surprise on friday. >> you called me michelle again. >> well, michelle, i think -- >> well, dave, what do you think? >> nice. >> i was a buyer going into yesterday, got even going home. i'm a seller today. i think there's some problems. i'm a little bit short right now, will get a little shorter. >> what do you say? >> melissa, i would say that i'm a seller going into market today. >> tom? >> yeah, tommy tells you this market is going higher, sit tight and maggie, i hope everything goes well for you. >> it's tim, dr. j., dennis and daniel hughes. do not miss, tonight we're going to talk about cisco on the yaf hours trade. a power lunch debate. is twitter in trouble? michelle, what is on tap there? >> you notice how many names begin with m on this network. >> chances are if you
Aug 5, 2009 6:00pm EDT
and a half ago, to invest more in growth markets as well. those included china, brazil, india, and russia. we also arrested in positioning the federal government. as you just indicate, that's starting to pay off for us. there some really positive news and we're trying to expand our global footprint. if it is about it, most of the capital expenditure in the world work the thirds are outside of north america. north america is extremely important but we should expand beyond that. >> i don't think the analysts got it. he is a smart guy. >> i agree. >> he is good. known him for 30 years. but nortel, their demise has to be in your sweet spot. even though a lot of it is business, their business competes against you is kind of in flux. isn't it? >> absolutely. what part of our growth products, in fact, this past quarter, our optical networking products had the biggest groetz as well. we actually compete against nortel. and we're winning new customers around the world. >> can you give may sense if i am a verizon or att or a table company, why i need to you win the war, telco versus cable? >> well, fir
Aug 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
considering countries in the region like pakistan or india or russia or china? >> the commander -- this is a commander's review of his area of responsibility, which is limited to afghanistan. that is what this assessment is on. it is an assessment of the situation on the ground as general mcchrystal and his team see it. >> we're looking at additional more troops -- >> i am laughing at the hammering and drilling. >> president karzai was saying they might need additional resources. >> if it is determined by the commander that he needs additional resources to complete his mission, that request will be made to the normal chain of command. it will go up through cencom, be validated along the way, and the secretary will make a determination whether or not he recommends to the president additional troops. . . . ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ >> is a secretary in touch with countries like india for additional resources? >> i don't know of any communication with india. if he is satisfied with the progress, and i don't think anybody is satisfied with progress, i think wh
Aug 5, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: nearly sixonths to the daye first visited elkhart india, one of the ties hardest hit by the recession, president oma turned. this me, to tout the success of his smulus plan. >> it is greato be back in indiana. ( applause ) >> reporter: mr. obama spokat the navistar r.v. factory i nearbwakarusa-- about 100 miles ea of chicago. the area is knowas the capital ofrecreational vehicles, but as s prices soared and the econo bottomed out, ehart's uneloyment soared. it now nearing 17%-- much hher than the national averag an a 10% rise from the year before. >> this area has been hit th a perfect storof economic troues. the khart area has experienced the secondreatest increase in the rate of unemployment in e countr up 10 points in a year. it's an astonishing stistic. and there have bn times where nearly one in five people in this area ha been looking for work. >> reporter: today, amid a continuing debatever the effectiveness othe stimulus moy so far the president unveiled new grts that heaid can help rebuild the onomy in elhkart and around e country. >>nnovation is more importa
Aug 5, 2009 3:05am EDT
they're throwing films from places like iran, india, japan. instead of a nine screen multi-plex, there's just this one plush, rather cozy space. it's a deliberately low-tech affair. people living nearby appreciate the effort that's gone into bringing the movies to their door. >> cinema in a bus. it should be a bit different anyway. >> to have a mobile cinema that comes and opens up like a pandora's box is really wonderful. >> reporter: even when the film is over, there's no normal rushing home. these enthusiasts want everyone to feel included on their cinematic journey through the hills and glen >> gunned down. an armed manur >> gunned down. an armed man bursts into a gym in pennsylvania and goes on a killing spree. what we know about the shooter and his victim. >> then coming home. two american journalists jailed in north korea are free and will be reunited with their families this morning. >> and driving distraction. should the government ban drivers from texting? >> the public is sick and tired of people being distracted and causing accidents. >> it's wednesday, august 5th. >> anno
Aug 5, 2009 6:00am EDT
-dominated, politician-defying, bureaucratically-controlled mess that has no capacity to compete with china and india in had the next generation. the decisions we make this year, next year, the year after are unbelievably important. your help this sumener making sure that everyone you know calls your congressman and your senators to tell them not to pass a giant energy tax that will crush the economy and not to pass a giant government-run health program that will crush the economy. this summer you have a chance to help change history. your help over the next year in winning the argument on your campus, winning the campus in talk radio, winning in letters to the editor, going to town hall meetings, arranging for debates on key topics, setting the stage for 2010 election, which sends a signal, we want america to get back on the right track and setting the stage for 2012 election where we end up having as with jimmy carter, ensure liberalism is a one-term experience, that is the key to being successful over the next generation. let me if i could take questions. [ applause ] >> yes, ma'am? [question ina
Aug 5, 2009 4:00pm EDT
off for potential buyers. >> this particular submarine are the same type that india is looking to purchase. >> reporter: and the same type that malfunctioned last year killing 20 people on board. eric wertheim wrote a book on the world's combat ships. he says, by sending subs to the east coast. >> they are showing our submarines are still viable. our ships are still powerful and this is why you can still view russian weapons as something you can purchase. >> reporter: russian subs haven't been this close to the u.s. coast in over ten years. >> there is an effort to project force around the world. >> the pentagon says there is no threat. >> reporter: perhaps this move is about making money, not war. for example, india used to buy patrol planes from russia. just inked a $2 billion version for this aircraft. the seller, american company, boeing. >> russia is understandably concerned that foreign customers are not looking to them anymore as a leader in the export market for weapons. >> reporter: a russian general says that these sub s are sailig in international waters. the pentago
Aug 5, 2009 7:30am EDT
with china and india, that we'll be able to understand that american workers deserve better, and that this is about the beginning of the inclusion of all workers into that economy and all people and communities that deserve to be uplifted, that this will not be an uplifting of yachts, but an uplifting of boats. today is the sound and smell of sweet jus cities. finish pleasure -- justice. >> [inaudible] >> we're doing this together. let me first say that the green the block campaign is not just a campaign, it's a coalition. and so there are already a number of organizations that have signed on to it, so it's not just the hip-hop caucus or green for all doing this alone. how we're going to do this, as i said before, this is not a green jobs moment, it's a clean energy movement, and for us we have to convince our generation that this truly is our lunch counter moment for the 21st century. and we have to go out there and convince them that if we don't make a change now, nine years into the 21st century, there will not be a 22nd century. the time is now. and so with a sense of ur
Aug 5, 2009 7:00am EDT
hillary clinton. i was with mrs. clinton just a few weeks ago in india. and i asked her about the situation. and she said, well, the young women have already apologized. and we are very sorry this happened. so, the north koreans, in many ways, got exactly what they wanted here. they had a very prominent american coming over there. and bill clinton, of course, got exactly what he wanted. he returned with the young journalists, who i think are about to get off that plane. bill clinton had that emotional meeting with them yesterday. when they got on the plane, out of north korea, it was quite formal. president clinton shaking their hands and smiling. but again, a very emotional meeting when the young women first met president clinton over there. you can see them leaving north korea there, in the same plane that just arrived in burbank. >> i think you answered the question of many when they are wondering why was it former president bill clinton. and you said, the north koreans wanted a prominent american to be there. >> reporter: as bill richardson told us, the governor of new mex
Aug 5, 2009 7:00am EDT
a indiana para destacar los frutos del plan econÓmico. india da es una de las regiones mÁs golpeadas por el desempleo, especialmente por el despido de trabajadores del sector automovilÍstico. $400 millones para ómiles de trabajadores. miren bien estas imÁgenes. el delincuente entrÓ a robar ropa interior de mujer en dos apartamentos de pennsylvania. luego saliÓ desnudo y se entregÓ a la policÍa. la cÁmara de vigilancia lo captÓ cuando ingresaba uno de los departamentos. el abogado del jeto dijo que su cliente de 50 aÑos de edad de la menta de ese incidente. vamos a regresar con nuevas noticias mÁs adelante, hablaremos sobre la gira del presidente de colombia, Álvaro uribe, por varios paÍses de sudamÉrica. cuando regresemos, las reacciones de algunos paÍses. pero ahora vamos con mi querida jackie guerrido, h@h@tvúmiuhlk ancianos. a pesar de que en la costa este estamos hablando de 97, en dÍas anteriores estÁbamos hablando de esta ola de calor. afortunadamente tenemos 76 grados. fuera de eso, los 100 van a h@ concentrarse al h@h@tvúmisyjkp del peligroso. tvúmisqlkph@que
Aug 5, 2009 9:00am EDT
china and india refuse to do the same. i do not agree with a government takeover of health care that would force millions of americans off their current health care, drive health care costs even higher for families, ration care, restrict access to the latest cures and treatments, and put health care decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats rather than doctors and patients. but i do agree that the country is tired of partisanship infecting every debate. the country is tired of actions by a congress becoming a political battle. and so while i do not follow the hypocrisy of many of my democratic colleagues who refuse to -- refused to support justice roberts and alito because they disagreed with their judicial philosophy and now suggest that republicans not do the same. i respect and agree with the legal reasoning of my colleagues who will vote "no." but i will follow the direction of the past and my hope for the future with less polarization, less confrontation, less partisanship. my friends in the party can be assured that i will work as hard as anybody to ensure that the
Aug 5, 2009 1:00pm EDT
are working in india and africa and other developing countries to train professionals. this combination of insurance coverage and trained professionals is going to be absolutely key. then we are going to get kids on the right trajectory and then we have to look step-by-step to see how we can support children with autism to be the most productive citizens they can. >> thank you very much for that helpful analysis of some of the options we should consider. i wanted to call on you next. >> the task force looked at this extensively in mississippi because of our financial situation of many of our parents. publicly, there were intervention programs that do not cover services. it needs to now include behavioral services because many of the sturgeon are being identified very early. i can anecdotally speak to the success of that. i met a precious toddler named catalina. her mother recognized autism signs it at eight months. the child is 4 years old now and it is absolutely amazing. you would never recognize that she was a child in the spectrum. i anecdotally i saw that working. the other program
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)